2015 International Drone Expo: Drones Galore

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Drones are one of the hottest holiday gifts, but they’re more than just toys.

The drone industry continues to grow and so does our fascination with these flying objects. The FAA is predicting that over 1 million drones will be gifted this holiday season. Recently I visited the 2nd annual International Drone Expo in Downtown Los Angeles where all types of drones were on display - everything from $20 toys to specialized police drones that cost over $100,000.

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While the rules are sorted out, innovation continues to drive ahead. Big companies like Amazon are eager to put drones to work. That means new jobs and good salaries for knowing how to fly one of these devices.

A new FAA drone registry is now up and running  - it will cost you $5 to register your drone. One of the largest drone makers - DJI - recently posted a good Q&A about the registry here.

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