L.A. City Attorney Seeks Order Making Gas Co. Move Porter Ranch Residents to New Housing Faster

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A student from Castlebay Lane Charter School who has been relocated to another school by her parents joins students and parents as they protest in Porter Ranch on Dec. 11, 2015. (Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office on Tuesday sought a restraining order aimed at more quickly moving Porter Ranch residents affected by a massive gas leak into temporary housing.

The action comes amid complaints from residents about how Southern California Gas Co. has handled the leak. City Attorney Mike Feuer wants a judge to appoint a “special master,” possibly a retired judge, to oversee the relocation of Porter Ranch residents, a task that until now the company has been handling.

As of Friday, Southern California Gas Co. had received 5,002 inquiries about temporary housing. An estimated 1,800 households have moved into hotels and rental units, and another 1,010 are awaiting arrangements.

The restraining order would require gas company officials to relocate residents within 48 hours of such a request. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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