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Hillary Clinton Secures Enough Delegates to Earn Democratic Nomination: AP Calculation

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Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, the Associated Press said Monday night, making her poised to become the first female candidate from a major party for the White House in U.S. history.

A victory in Puerto Rico’s primary on Sunday and additional pledges of support from superdelegates helped Clinton cross the threshold, a day ahead of California's primary and almost exactly eight years since conceding her first presidential campaign in disappointment.

Since then she’s carefully laid the groundwork for another shot at the White House, including serving four years as secretary of State under President Obama. Now she’s girding for a bruising general election battle with Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

Clinton’s delegate total includes pledged delegates and superdelegates, who are party leaders and elected officials who can decide which candidate to support at the Democratic National Convention in July.

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