Amish Party Busted by Ohio Police; 75 Arrested on Suspicion of Underage Drinking: Report

Dozens of people were arrested in Millersburg, Ohio, on suspicion of underage drinking over the weekend after authorities responded to a party that was expected to draw hundreds of Amish youth, according to The Daily Record.

The joint raid occurred at a huge field along County Road 400 in Hardy Township, where the party took place.

More than 40 officers from various law enforcement agencies in several counties arrested about 75 people, according to the newspaper. The arrestees included both adults and juveniles.

Two people were hospitalized for alcohol-related symptoms and several were booked on charges of resisting arrest, the Associated Press reported.

The Holmes County Sheriff's Office had initially received calls from concerned parents warning of a massive party expected to draw more than 1,000 young Amish revelers from Ohio and neighboring states.

The Amish are a traditionalist sect of Christianity who reject modern technology and conveniences. The Amish have sizable communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.