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Anaheim Man Who Said He Killed Childhood Friend After Being Asked Sentenced to 10 Years

Beong Kwun Cho breaks down while addressing the court at his sentencing hearing in September 2016. (Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

At his murder trial this summer, Beong Kwun Cho claimed he was doing his childhood friend a favor when he shot him in the back of his head on the side of a deserted street in Anaheim.

Cho, 57, tearfully testified in his own defense, saying his friend of four decades, Yeon Woo Lee, wanted to commit suicide and had asked him to pull the trigger.

His friend, Cho said, had orchestrated a plot to make his death look like a botched robbery, wanting his family to be free of the social stigma of suicide and for them to receive life insurance payouts.

Jurors weighing his fate appeared to accept his account, sparing Cho of a murder charge and instead finding him guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

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