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American Honda – Rose Parade Float

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American Honda

Dimensions: 24’H x 18’W x 75’L

Float Title: Hope Blooms Forever

Float Theme
Honda’s float, “Hope Blooms Forever,” is the lead float entry and introduces the Rose Parade theme, “Echoes of Success.” The spectacular design features vibrant colors, exciting movement and energy. The float features an origami crane, emblematic of healing, hope and resilience, and the mythical phoenix, a symbol of renewal. The two converge in the center with a large origami rose that opens in a kaleidoscope effect as doves are released from the center of the float. The float is further brought to life by four rotating, synchronized origami roses, and brilliant butterflies. While the float was being designed, student float riders from Japan’s Fukushima prefecture suggested several elements to represent the natural beauty of their home. The cherry blossom tree in the center of the float is “Miharu Takizakura,” one of the most famous cherry blossom trees in all of Japan, located in Fukushima. The ancient tree is more than 1,000 years old. Leading up to the tree and the rose at the center of the float is a floral display representing “Hanami-yama,” a flower-filled mountain that Fukushima farmers have developed through the years. And riding the front of the float are two “Kikuningyo,” or chrysanthemum dolls. These dolls are emblematic of life-size figures from feudal Japan created in the annual “Chrysanthemum dolls in Nihonmatsu” held each fall. Finally, Fukushima is known for its fruit. The Chrysanthemum dolls are posed under fruit trees bearing a variety of fruits found in the region. Each New Year comes with the promise of a new day. The previous year becomes a memory and we celebrate the opportunities ahead. Honda’s float heralds this ideal, celebrating renewal, healing and the power of dreams and friendship. The 20 riders are high school students from the Fukushima prefecture of Japan that was heavily damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011. They student symbolize the renewal of the damaged areas of Japan, and exemplify that keeping faith in your dreams can help you to overcome tragedy.

Flowers/Materials used
Hope Blooms Forever floral coverage-Fruit trees-green cedar, trunks of tan fine walnut shell, fruit-small red apples, small yellow apples, cherries on stems.

Big sculpted origami roses-hot pink fine cut statice, leaves of green ti leaves and green ground parsley flakes. Center Rose-base of pink whole carnations, raised area of hot pink fine cut statice. Male & female figures-hair of black seaweed, faces and hands of various spices. Lady’s kimono of yellow and white mums, band of red large kidney beans and gold flax seed. Man’s kimono of white and yellow mums, band of white fine ground rice. Origami cranes-blue and purple fine cut statice and pink and yellow fine cut strawflower. Sculpted purple flowers of purple fine cut statice, stamens of white powdered rice, leaves of green ground parsley, veins of dark green mung beans. Sculpted deck roses of yellow and red fine cut strawflower and purple fine cut statice, leaves of green ground parsley flakes and pods of green springer.
Phoenix Bird-Head-yellow carnation petals and yellow fine cut strawflower, eyes of black seaweed, around eyes-purple fine cut statice and red fine cut strawflower, mouth of black onion powder, chest of yellow carnation petals, back of yellow fine cut strawflower, wings of red, yellow and purple fine cut statice, tail feathers of red fine cut strawflower, yellow and purple fine cut statice. pipes of black onion seed. Cherry Blossom Trees- pods/tops of green springer, sweet princess dendrobs, alika dendrobs, trunks of tan fine walnut shell and brown coffee. Stairs of yellow fine cut strawflower. Kinetic sculptures of hot pink fine cut statice, floral inside sculptures of green springer, hot pink roses, urns of red and yellow fine cut strawflower and purple fine cut statice. Monarch Butterflies, antenna and body of black onion powder, wings of yellow fine cut strawflower and white fine ground rice, black seaweed and black onion powder. Blue Butterfly, antenna and body of black onion powder, wings of blue and light blue fine cut statice, red large kidney beans, black onion powder and black beans. Floral deck gardens of green springer, light pink, hot pink, bright yellow and red roses.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.