Donate Life – Rose Parade Float

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Donate Life

Dimensions: 29’H x 18’W x 55’L

Float Title: Teammates in Life

Float Theme
With its fourteenth Rose Parade float, Donate Life has chosen a vibrant design teeming with life. 24 transplant recipients join together to paddle a spectacular catamaran or “wa’a kaulua” through a Hawai’ian paradise. The sails of the catamaran feature 60 memorial portraits of organ donors interwoven with Polynesian tapa cloth designs. Just as the donors’ gifts empowered the lives of others, the sails help propel the vessel carrying the recipients riding below. Two species of honeycreeper birds, scarlet ‘I’iwis and lime green ‘amakihis, perch in a lush landscape of oversized orchids and fanciful palm trees. The birds are over 20 times larger than life-size. A pair of stately tikis peer out of the overgrown jungle. The shorter tiki is Kane, tiki of light and life, and the taller one is Lono, tiki of abundance and peace. A jaw-dropping profusion of tropical flowers brings the float to life. In keeping with the 2017 parade theme, “Echoes of Success,” this vibrant design celebrates the dedicated “Teammates in Life” who make organ and tissue donation possible. Successful organ donation includes a large team of individuals including donors, recipients, their families, medical staff and the non-profit groups who are part of Donate Life and promote organ donation nationwide. None of us can succeed all by ourselves. Every success story is built on a team of support. The 24 transplant recipients riding on the float are each living “echoes of success.”

Flowers/Materials used
The islands burst into life with a profusion of exotic tropical blooms grown in Hawaii especially for this float. Spectacular sprays of anthurium, heliconia, ginger and orchids complement lush tropical foliages and bromeliads. Thousands of iris create the ocean waves, accented with orchids and delphinium. Dense beds of “Star 2000” and “High & Magic” roses give the islands a vivid orange glow. The ocean waves showcase 1,000 white “Akito” roses, individually dedicated in memory of specific donors. Casino anthurium and lemon philodendron leaves suggest plumage on the honeycreepers. A wide array of seedpods, bark, beans and grains cover the tikis and the catamaran. Nearly 4,000 lime green dendrobium orchid florets form the feathery palm fronds overhead while 3,000 giant oncidium orchids bloom in the flowering trees.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.