California Sex Offender Parolees Settle Lawsuit, Not Required to Post ‘Do Not Disturb’ Signs on Halloween

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A jack-o'-lantern is shown in a file photo. (Credit: KTLA)

Last year, a Chula Vista sex offender parolee was instructed to post a “do not disturb” sign in front of his residence on Halloween night to ward off trick-or-treaters.

What followed was a lawsuit filed by the California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization, as well as the parolee in San Diego County and another in Los Angeles. The policy, they argued, violated their civil rights and put their safety at risk.

Posting signage was never part of existing policy, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which recently issued a memorandum to its staff reminding them of directives for sex offender parolees on Halloween.

“Parole agents are not authorized to impose rules, conditions or restrictions on sex offender parolees beyond the scope of the existing policy,” the memorandum stated. “Specifically, parole agents will not direct any sex offender parolee to post or display any signage or messages outside of their residence, on their vehicle or, on their person relating to their status as a sex offender, parole, or their participation in Halloween-related activities.”

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