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Roy Choi, Kogi Korean BBQ

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Roy Choi, co-founder of Kogi Korean BBQ, appears alongside Frank Buckley.

Roy Choi is the co-founder and co-owner of Kogi Korean BBQ–several taco trucks which began rolling in LA in 2008 serving delicious Korean barbecue in a Mexican taco. The taste sensation and the way it was marketed–via Twitter–revolutionized food trucks and launched a chef onto the world stage who is now taking on new challenges that could revolutionize food in underserved inner cities.

Frank Buckley appears with Roy Choi at an event to honor Roy in 2013.

Today, Roy has several restaurants in Southern California and eight years after rumbling onto the scene in a food truck, Roy Choi is on the TIME 100 List with the likes of President Obama, Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. How did this “L.A. Son” (the name of his memoir-cookbook) go from the king of So Cal street food to one of 100 most influential people in the world? You’ll hear the whole story on this episode of Frank Buckley Interviews.

You’ll also hear how this classically trained chef was at rock bottom when he was inspired to become a chef by someone he saw on TV. And how Kogi BBQ started after he’d been fired from a dream job at a Los Angeles area restaurant.

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