America on Demand: Bark’N’Borrow

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These days, life on-the-go can leave little time for anything, let alone raising and caring for a dog. A company called Bark’N’Borrow has set out to change that. They’ve created a platform that connects dog lovers with others in their community to set up dog walks, pet sitting, and even doggy play dates! Maybe you’re unable to own a dog, but want a four-legged companion on your afternoon walk, or maybe you’ve got a dog, but need a sitter for a weekend away. Bark’N’Borrow has got you covered.

Liam Berkely, founder and owner of Bark'N'Borrow.

Liam Berkely, founder and owner of Bark’N’Borrow.

On this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand I head to the Bark’N’Borrow offices in Hollywood to chat with the company’s founder and owner, Liam Berkely. He shares the inside story on the origin of the company, as well as how this platform doesn’t only benefit dog owners, but even the dogs themselves. I also chat with Brett, a Bark’N’Borrow user, about all the ways he uses the app to help his dog have a more social life.

The dogs have their day on this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand. Let’s explore Bark’N’Borrow!


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