Father Shot While Trying to Save Baby During Violent Home-Invasion Robbery in Kansas City

A young father took a bullet to save his son after robbers broke into a Kansas City family's home this week and tried to shoot his baby boy, police say.

"Everything moved so fast that night. I didn't even realize I heard three different conversations in our home, and, they held guns to all of our heads," Ciara DeBarge told KTLA sister station WDAF about the terrifying incident Tuesday night when three men, two armed with guns, stormed inside her family's home.

"One first kicked in the door, yelled police and told us to get down on the floor," said the 26-year-old mom who was home with her 24-year-old brother, DeJuante Crawford, and several children.

"There were seven children in the house at the time. Children who were so afraid, all of us were. I thought I was gonna die, " DeBarge said.

She told police once inside their house the intruders started grabbing her and her family.

"We'd never seen them before in our lives. We've only lived here for 3 1/2 months and before that this house was vacant. One of those guys pointed a gun at my brother. My brother tussled with him and another guy grabbed my nephew and threw him across the room and then he shot and then that's when our dog attacked him, " DeBarge told WDAF in an exclusive interview.

What's more, Ciara says one of the home invaders then quickly shot and killed the family's pit bull, named China.

"The coward shot China eight times. We buried her in our backyard. The same idiot then grabbed my blouse, dragged me to the back of the house, pointed a gun to the back of my head and asked me where's the money? I had no idea what he was talking about," said Ciara DeBarge.

Moments later, Ciara said one of the robbers tried to shoot her brother's baby boy.

"Yes he did. He actually fired that gun once and that's when my brother jumped in front of his baby and got shot in his back trying to save his child. Thank God nobody else was hurt. He could've killed my brother's son. Another one could've killed me and my brother's girlfriend and for nonsense. They stole my brother's two registered guns, robbed us of our peace and everything. I just want the police to catch them, " said DeBarge.

As of Thursday night, Kansas City police were still searching for the armed robbers and still looking for a motive for the violent home invasion.