Security Footage Shows Attack in Which Coyote Scaled 7-Foot Wall, Killed Dachshund

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A Rancho Cucamonga couple is warning dog owners about allowing their pooches out alone at night after their three dogs were attacked by a coyote that scaled the 7-foot wall in their backyard.

Karen and Gregory Schmauss have bolted down their doggy door after since their dachshund Oliver, 9, died Monday night after having saved his sister Brandie's life. The couple's third dog, Riley, also joined the skirmish and was bit severely in the throat and back, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

"I heard the most horrible screaming I've ever heard. And then Ollie came tearing into the house and he had blood just pouring off of him," Karen Schmauss recalled.

Oliver was rushed to the vet, where he had to be put down.

The family's security footage shows coyote started stalking Brandie and was going to go after her, but Oliver jumped in to protect her.

After living in the same home 22 years, the couple said they'd never questioned their dogs' safety before. But after the incident, they learned coyote can scale walls up to 14 feet high, Gregory Schmauss said.

"Coyotes continue to be a horrible threat to our communities and even a 7- foot wall won't keep your pets safe," he wrote on Facebook.