Kentucky Teen With Epilepsy Stuffed in School Locker; Mother Calls for End to Bullying

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A Kentucky teenager with epilepsy was trapped for about 30 minutes after being pushed into a school locker in an incident that was posted on social media, according to the boy’s mother, who called for an end to bullying Wednesday.

Freshman 15-year-old Logan Sanders was at Woodford County High School when the incident took place in front of a group of students, local television station WDRB reported.

“It was one student who actually put him in the locker, but it was several students who took video of the incident,” the victim’s mother Nancy Loman told WDRB.

Video of the incident was apparently posted to SnapChat, but later deleted, according to the television station.

It took school officials about 30 minutes to cut off the combination lock and free Sanders from the locker.

The school district’s superintendent issued a statement about the investigation into the incident.

“Once that was completed, the student who committed the offense was given strong consequences for his behavior,” the statement read.

Sanders’ mother told WDRB the student involved served a four-day suspension and was sent to an alternative school for 30 additional days.

“There are kids that can’t talk about it or that won’t talk about it,” said Loman as she called on others to help stop bullying. “Be their voice.”