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America on Demand: Handstand

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Sometimes, the hardest part about working out is just making it to the gym in the first place. Handstand is an app that wants to send the gym to you by providing on-demand fitness trainers that will help you get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. From boxing training to yoga, Handstand will match you up with a trainer, instructor, or coach based on whatever workout you want to try. They’ll even provide the equipment!

I got a chance to sit down with Handstand’s founder, Tiffany Hakimianpour. We chatted about her vision of making an active and healthy lifestyle accessible for everyone by providing this service that is both convenient, flexible, and affordable. With Handstand you are not only in control of the workout, but you’re also in control of the schedule–which isn’t necessarily the case at a traditional gym. Tiffany also explained the meaning behind the apps name, and how her own experiences at the gym pushed her to develop the Handstand service.

Hit the treadmill or do some Pilates as you join us this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand!

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