L.A. Drafting New Law After Complaints About Hollywood Hills Parties With Wild Animals, Loud Noise

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One of the homes owned by Danny Fitzgerald on Weidlake Drive in the Hollywood Hills. (Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Residents of the Hollywood Hills have been known to throw a good party since the Tinseltown’s Golden Era, when the entertainment industry’s elite and not-so-elite first began populating the area.

Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards famously satirized the scene in the 1968 movie “The Party,” whose tagline was “if you’ve ever been to a wilder party… you’re under arrest.”

But these days, some residents said they’ve had enough. Their complaint is less about the occasional loud soiree but that homes have become semi-professional venues where parties feature red carpets, security guards and wild animals.

Complaints about noise, traffic congestion and safety risks presented by house parties that bring hundreds of revelers up the narrow, winding roads of the Hollywood Hills have prompted the area’s councilman to seek new regulations.

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