Video of Racially Charged Road-Rage Confrontation in Memphis Goes Viral

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A video depicting a road-rage confrontation between two men -- one of whom uses racist slurs and proclaims his support for Donald Trump -- is going viral on social media.

The confrontation took place in a mall parking lot in Memphis, Tennessee.

Skye Lev, who posted the video Sunday, said the confrontation started with a traffic incident. Lev says the video he posted was removed by Facebook; the video has been preserved by others.

The man shown in the video gets into an angry discussion involving race, repeatedly calling the man filming the N-word.

"Black lives don't matter. There ain't no proof," the man says. "White lives matter."

Lev told WHBQ in Memphis he started recording when it seemed like the other man was about to back off. Once the man noticed the phone, he became more aggressive, Lev said.

At the start of the video, the man returns from his truck and approaches the cellphone, saying," Trump, Trump all the way."

At one point, a woman in the man's vehicle starts to yell too, and the man says "Hey, let me handle this. Be a woman."

Lev told WHBQ he was used to racism but was surprised by this man's comments in front of a cellphone.

"It's not shocking, because I've seen it a million and one times in my life," Lev said in a Facebook Live video with a WHBQ reporter. "But for someone to be overt about it is more of a rarity. The fact that he was also willing to be that passionate and express that much hatred while I was recording is the shocking part."

In his initial Facebook post of the video, Lev urged his viewers to go vote in Tuesday's election.

"This is a prime example of why you should get out and vote," Lev wrote.