America on Demand: Joymode

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A new on-demand app called Joymode is providing users equipment and supplies so that they can have fun and unique experiences. Have you ever wanted to go camping, but not wanted to shell out hundreds of dollars on equipment you’ll rarely use? Or maybe you’ve wanted to host a backyard movie screening complete with screen, chairs, and even an old-timey popcorn machine? Joymode has got you covered! Joymode provides the stuff you need–but don’t want to own for great experiences.

On this episode, I talk to Joymode founder Joe Fernandez. He shares how lifestyle of not wanting to own a lot of stuff, yet still wanting to do cool things, led to the idea of developing the Joymode service. Equipment rental is nothing new, but Joymode is unique in that it doesn’t lend out individual items, but fully realized and curated experiences. Joymode offers dozens of these activities like VR gaming, camping, brunch, backyard movies, picnics, and even supplies to deep-clean your home! Joe provides lots of insight on the growth of the company, as well as what they hope to offer next. Plus we talk about warehouse3-d3584d1f6e15eae8393271c54e54b025some of the logistical challenges a service like this could run into, and how Joymode deals with them.

Joymode is definitely one of the more unique on-demand services out there today. You can learn all about it on this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand!

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