Cpl. Todd Nicely, USMC Veteran

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Cpl. Todd Nicely appears alongside Frank Buckley.

Corporal Todd Nicely was leading a group of Marines on a security patrol in Afghanistan on March 26, 2010 when he stepped on a 40-pound bomb. Corporal Nicely survived the blast, but the improvised explosive device left him a quadruple amputee. Today this young man is one of only five Americans to survive deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan as quadruple amputees.

Todd is featured in a documentary “Homeland Diaries: America’s Veterans” produced by our team at KTLA and airing on Tribune Broadcasting stations across the country beginning on Veteran’s Day, November 11th and online here http://vetshomelanddiaries.com. I hope you’ll honor Todd and other veterans by watching it.

Cpl. Todd Nicely with his fellow US Marines.

Cpl. Todd Nicely with his fellow US Marines.

During our podcast interview, I asked Todd to take us back to the moment he stepped on that pressure plate and to take us through the years since. You’ll hear that it hasn’t exactly been easy. Like many war-wounded veterans, he has suffered from the physical and emotional pain of his wounds and service. He has even attempted suicide. But Todd believes he’s in a better place now and I share in Todd’s hope that every time he tells his story, it will help another veteran.

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