Romany Malco, Actor

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Frank Buckley appears alongside Romany Malco.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Romany Malco.

Romany Malco is an actor who you’ll recognize from films like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Think Like A Man” and from TV shows like Showtime’s “Weeds” and ABC’s “No Ordinary Family.” Recently, he starred in Amazon’s “Mad Dogs.” He’s been nominated for MTV Movie Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards as well as NAACP Image awards. In short, he’s a well-respected and constantly working actor who you probably recognize.

But Romany is the first to say that Romany Malco is not a household name. As he put it on his website: “I haven’t blown up because it’s not my time.” Romany Malco may be on the verge however. He’s in another big film out right now “Almost Christmas” and his phone keeps ringing.

And there’s more to this actor than great performances and steady work. He has strong feelings about race and about how people are portrayed in the media. And he believes more needs to be done to improve trust between African Americans and law enforcement in the U.S. based in part on his own personal experiences. You’ll hear about all of it during this podcast.

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