America on Demand: TaskEasy

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If you own a home or other property, you know how much of a pain it can be to keep your lawn maintained or driveway tidy after a snowfall. TaskEasy is an affordable service that specializes in cutting your lawn and even snow removal. TaskEasy provides a unique online ecosystem where property owners can easily book and manage services, while contractors are provided with customers, eliminating other costs. Unlike many traditional lawn and property maintenance services, TaskEasy offers fair set prices, a satisfaction guarantee, and licensed & insured contractors. Plus, all services can be managed easily online.

I got a chance to talk about founder and CEO Ken Davis over Skype about how TaskEasy got started, and how their services are changing the status quo of property maintenance. Not only is TaskEasy a huge benefit to customers, but Ken also explains how TaskEasy is of great use to contractors, providing them with a one-stop place to find new customers, streamline their scheduling and billing process, and ultimately help them grown their business. The great thing about TaskEasy, like with any other successful on-demand service, is that it offers convenience and affordability to something that we pretty much all need.

Take a break from the yard work as I explore TaskEasy on this episode of Tech Smart: America on Demand!

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