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David Koechner, Actor

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David Koechner is probably best known for his role as the absurd Champ Kind in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and its sequel. But that’s just one role of some 160 or so film and TV credits to his name. Many of them are comedic roles. After all, he trained at Second City Theater in Chicago and was a cast member on Saturday Night Live in the mid 90s.

Frank Buckley appears alongside David Koechner.

Frank Buckley appears alongside David Koechner.

The guy is funny. Where did the funny come from and what’s he actually thinking about when he performs an improv scene? How old was Dave when he decided he wasn’t going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and work in the turkey coop manufacturing business in Tipton, Missouri? And what was Dave’s first career path that didn’t work out? You’ll hear his answers to all of those questions on this edition of Frank Buckley Interviews.

It was a genuine pleasure to interview Dave. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


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