Dave Holmes, Author/Former MTV VJ

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Dave Holmes is the editor at large for Esquire.com and a former VJ on MTV. He got the VJ job in the late 1990s after being a contestant on MTV’s “Wanna be a VJ?” contest.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Dave Holmes.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Dave Holmes.

His book “Party of One” is an honest and hilarious memoir about being a boy in a big Catholic family in St. Louis in the 1970s, about his time on MTV, about feeling like he was “different” at an early age, and about how being a closeted gay kid led to him feeling like an outsider. As he puts it in the book: “My name’s Dave Holmes, and I have spent most of my life being the odd man out.”

Dave’s book is on NPR’s Best Books of 2016 list and on Esquire’s 25 Best Books to Read in 2016 list. When he’s not writing, he’s acting, and hosting TV shows and satellite radio shows on Sirius XM.

We did the interview in a half-completed conference room in our new space at KTLA-TV with construction still very much underway. You’ll hear it during the first few minutes of our conversation. I apologize for that and I hope it’s not too distracting.

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