Corbin Bernsen, Actor/Filmmaker

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Actor Corbin Bernsen became a star with his portrayal of divorce lawyer Arnie Becker in the critically acclaimed, audience favorite “L.A. Law” on NBC from 1986-1994. He also starred in another long-running series “Psych” from 2006-2014. Fans will also remember him from major roles in movies like the “Major League” franchise among many others. In recent years, Corbin has also become known for being a filmmaker with a production company that focuses on family and faith.

Corbin Bernsen appears in a publicity still for the hit television show "Psych".

Corbin Bernsen appears in a publicity still for the hit television show “Psych”.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how personal loss led to Corbin’s first faith-based film and why his most recent faith-based film was co-produced by Pat Roberton’s Regent University. You’ll also learn that Corbin Bernsen at 62 says he’s at a crossroads at which he wants to take time to carefully evaluate new projects as an actor and as a filmmaker–to do work that matters.

Among the projects he may become involved in soon? A reboot of “L.A. Law” that’s been widely reported. You’ll hear whether Corbin would want to play a 2017 version of Arnie Becker.

On this page, you’ll see a link to his son Oliver Bernsen’s website on which appears a painting of Corbin titled “The Actor at 61.” We begin our conversation with a discussion of the actor and the man depicted in that painting.

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