24 Hour Fitness – Rose Parade Float

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24 Hour Fitness

Dimensions: 26’H x 17’W x 55’L

Float Title: Do More With Your 24

Float Theme
24 Hour Fitness has themed its float “Do more with your 24.” It’s a celebration of all the ways they help people succeed at achieving more by living healthier. Brought to life is everything from basketball and cycling, to yoga and martial arts, TRX, strength training and more – reflecting the offerings inside their 420 clubs, as well as the expert support that extends well beyond them. The theme also gives 24 Hour Fitness a chance to celebrate people who have succeeded in huge ways to “do more.” Riding atop the float is 24 Hour Fitness member Loryn Spady, whose uplifting fitness success story was one of eight that 24 Hour Fitness shared online – she inspired nearly a thousand votes. Also up top is another success story, Olympic Gold Medalist and swimmer Conor Dwyer – who is one of five Olympic and Paralympic athletes that 24 Hour Fitness sponsored in 2016 for the Rio Olympic Games.

Flowers/Materials used
The giant figures will be in a rainbow of colors, flowing into each other. Each color will be a blend of seeds, spices, ground vegetables and fresh cut flowers. The star stream holding the figures consists of thousands of orchids, roses and carnations. At the base of the float are thousands of multi-colored roses, leaves, flower blooms and various seeds and nuts.

All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.