Bobcat With Severe Mange Dies in Simi Valley: National Park Service

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Bobcat 332, an adult male that had been living in the Simi Hills, is seen in a National Park Service photo from Sept. 2016.

A bobcat in Simi Valley with a severe case of the skin disease mange has died, the National Park Service said Wednesday.

Bobcat 332, a 3-year-old male that Santa Monica Mountains park officials have been following since 2015, was found dead at the southern edge of the valley on Dec. 19, said park spokesman Zach Behrens.

“Since we often see mange accompanied by rat poison in animals’ systems, B-332’s blood tests will be sent to a lab for analysis,” he said in a statement.

Questions on the connection between Southern California wildlife suffering from the parasitic skin disease mange and rat poison were rekindled in 2014, when the majestic mountain lion P-22 was photographed with a severe case of the disease.


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