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Coyotes to Be Trapped, Euthanized in Glendora After Dog Attacked

The city of Glendora will provide funds for the trapping and euthanization of three coyotes that attacked a leashed dog in a housing development tract this week, city officials said in a statement.

Officials said a Glendora resident was walking her mastiff on a leash near Snapdragon Lane and Elderberry Drive at around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday. The former Monrovia Nursery location is now the construction site for La Colina Estates, a development consisting of 121 single-family homes.

As the dog and its owner were walking, “a coyote attacked the dog seemingly without reason,” according to a city statement, and two other coyotes joined in.

“The coyotes were fended off by the resident, who threw rocks at the three coyotes, and a witness who assisted by clapping her hands and yelling at the coyotes,” the statement said.

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