California’s Democrats Working to Harness New Wave of Progressive Energy

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Protesters hold signs outside the Los Angeles office of California's U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Feb. 14 to demand she hold a town hall meeting. (Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

San Diego Rep. Scott Peters has held town halls for years. The reality? It was common for the Democrat’s staff to outnumber the constituents who showed up.

Since Donald Trump won the White House and took office a month ago, Peters says thousands of people have asked to meet with him, many of them asking, “What can I do?”

The 700 seats available at a “how to get involved” workshop he’s hosting this week with fellow San Diego Democrat Rep. Susan Davis were claimed in two days and they say people are pushing them to hold another.

“They just want direction. People are hungry for places to go and ways to be helpful,” Davis said. “There’s this element where people think someday their grandchild will say to them, ‘where were you when all this was happening in the country?’”

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