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California Experiencing Its Rainiest Water Year on Record Since 1895: Report

California is having its rainiest water year since record-keeping began in 1895 — a deluge that has been rapidly altering the landscape of a state that until recently was in drought.

A woman holding an umbrella walks through Downtown L.A. amid a rainstorm in December 2016. (Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

It has rained an average of 27.81 inches statewide from Oct. 1 to Feb. 28, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information reported. A water year begins on Oct. 1.

The 20th century average was 15.5 inches in the same time period, and the previous record was the winter of 1968-69, when it rained an average of 27.34 inches, the agency reported.

Signs of this shift are everywhere.

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