Federal Jury Awards $2 Million to Family of Man Shot in the Back by LAPD Officer in 2014

A federal jury found that a Los Angeles police officer used excessive force when he fatally shot a combative suspect in the back, awarding the dead man’s family $2 million, according to court records and attorneys involved in the case.

The jurors this week awarded $1.5 million to the man’s mother, Maria Delores Ramirez, and an additional $500,000 to the family of the deceased for the fatal 2014 shooting, officials said.

Officer Joshua Towe shot Luis Ramirez, 38, during a confrontation that occurred when police responded to calls of vandalism and trespassing in a Lake Balboa neighborhood, officials said. Officers encountered Ramirez wielding a broom when the shooting occurred.

“My client was shot in the back and killed by the LAPD when he was only carrying a broomstick,” said attorney Shane Hapuarachy.

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