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L.A. Police Commission Focuses Attention on Homelessness During Meeting at City Hall

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Los Angeles police commissioners will focus their attention on homelessness Tuesday in a special meeting at City Hall, asking the Police Department and other agencies how they’re trying to provide housing and other resources to a population that’s spread across the city.

The goal of the meeting, commissioners said, was to better understand what people experience while living on the streets as well as the challenges the Los Angeles Police Department and other groups face trying to help them.

Dozens of people, including police officers and advocates for the homeless community, filled the wooden benches inside the meeting room. They listened quietly as one of the commissioners, Shane Murphy Goldsmith, opened the hearing by explaining her personal connection to the issue they were about to discuss: her younger brother.

Goldsmith said her brother had experienced mental health issues and homelessness throughout his life. She thought of him, she said, during a ride-along with some of the police officers assigned to the LAPD’s homeless outreach efforts.

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