Package Containing Lanterns for Funeral Stolen from Alhambra Home; Theft Caught on Camera

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A woman who just lost her boyfriend to a heart attack had a package containing lanterns for his funeral stolen from the porch of her Alhambra home. The incident was caught on surveillance video.

A man is caught on surveillance video stealing a package from an Alhambra porch. (Courtesy: Deanna Ductoc)

Deanna Ductoc said she was planning on honoring her boyfriend with the lanterns, valued at $200, at his funeral this Sunday, but someone snatched the package. She said the goal is to catch the person responsible.

“Little did they know that the package they took from us is causing a lot more grief than we should be going through,” she said.  “I feel like people that do things like this, they don’t recognize or think what anybody else is going through."

The video shows the suspect running up to the house Monday, taking the package and running off again. A different angle shows the car he got away in, apparently being driven by another person. It appears to be an older model white or silver SUV with a spare tire attached to the back.

Ductoc believes the thief must have followed the FedEx truck and was led to her house. She has filed a police report and is hoping someone recognizes the man who stole her package.

Ductoc said she isn't worried about the money she spent, but the significance of the lanterns. She and her boyfriend, who was only 26, were planning on getting married.

“We never had the wedding we dreamed of, or had the kids,” she said. “If this is the last thing that I can do for him, then I wanted to do it right.”

The company Ductoc ordered the lanterns from said they would replace them.