Officials Seek Woman Who Allegedly Robbed Another Woman, Tried to Hit Victim With Car in West Hollywood

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West Hollywood officials are looking for a woman who allegedly robbed another woman then tried to hit the victim with her car late last month.

A woman accused of robbing another woman and trying to run her over in March 2017 is seen in a photo released by Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials on April 5, 2017.

Beverly Lewis, 63, allegedly stole the victim’s cellphone, phone case and credit card at the victim's business on March 29, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said in a news release.

Victim Laura Barrett said she and her husband were renovating their store on La Brea Avenue when Lewis came in and dropped her own purse on the ground. The suspect then allegedly used the distraction to take Barrett's belongings.

Lewis then went to a Target at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Formosa Avenue and tried to buy a computer with the stolen credit card, but the transaction was denied.

Barrett, meanwhile, had activated the GPS tracking feature on her phone.

“That’s when I saw that my phone was stagnant and just not moving somewhere on Santa Monica Boulevard near Detroit (Street) and Formosa (Avenue)," she said.

The tracker led her to the suspect's car, where her phone was visible sitting next to about four other wallets.

Lewis immediately recognized Barrett, got in her car and tried to flee, officials said.

“She started trying to get into her car and go, and I was telling her, ‘No, we’re going to wait,’" Barrett recalled.

As Barrett pleaded for bystanders to call 911, she noticed the woman's car began charging her, she said. Deputies confirmed the suspect attempted to hit the victim.

Barrett jumped on the hood of the car to avoid getting struck.

“She just kept going and I grabbed onto the windshield wipers," she said. "She was swerving, accelerating excessively.”

Authorities said Lewis kept driving for two blocks to try and throw the victim off. Barrett said she held on until Lewis made a sharp turn and slammed on her brakes.

“I figured it was my only moment to let go. I threw my body to the side of the car so she couldn’t hit me again,” Barrett said. She was treated for head trauma and road rash as a result.

Lewis continued driving and has not been apprehended.

She was described as being African-American, about 5 feet 9 inches tall and 170 pounds. She was wearing glasses.

Her car was described as a newer black Honda Accord with paper plates and tinted windows.

Anyone with information about the incident can call Detective Omar Luevano at 310-358-4055.