Neighbor Allegedly ‘Euthanized’ Phoenix Family’s Wounded Dog With Sledgehammer

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A Phoenix man allegedly “euthanized” his neighbor’s wounded pit bull with a sledgehammer after the dog was hit by two cars over the weekend, according to a witness.

Jessica Headly told KNXV the injured dog, a pit bull named Beau, tried to get home after being struck by the cars.

“She was able to crawl to the porch. She wasn’t yelping but she was panting hard,” Headly said.

That’s when a neighbor came over with a sledgehammer, Headly told KNXV.

“I was like, what are you doing,” Headly said. “You can’t do that. I’m going to take the dog to the vet. Let me handle it.”

But the man told her the dog was suffering and then hit Beau twice on her head, killing the animal.

“That’s the last thing she saw is some stranger with a sledgehammer. That’s horrible,” Headly said.

Beau’s owner, Jesse Garcia, was not home at the time.

“I wish he would’ve thought twice about what he did to our dog,” Jesse Garcia said.

The man who struck Beau declined to comment, KNXV reported.

Police did go to the home Sunday night, but no arrests were made and no citations were issued, according to KNXV.