60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl on Her Book ‘Becoming Grandma’

One of the country’s most recognizable journalists 60 Minutes Correspondent, Lesley Stahl joined us live to talk about her book “Becoming Grandma – The Joys and Science of New Grandparenting”  After 4 decades as a reporter, Lesley says the most vivid and transformative experience of her life was becoming a grandmother.  Stahl speaks with scientists and doctors about physiological changes that occur in women when they have grandchildren and psychiatrists about the therapeutic effects of grandchildren on both grandmothers and grandfathers.  Lesley will be appearing Friday, April 21 at 7pm at The Norman P. Murray Community Center in Mission Viejo.  You can get tickets HERE when you search Lesley Stahl. The paperback of “Becoming Grandma” is available wherever books are sold.