57 Firearms Seized From Pasadena Police Lieutenant’s Home During Raid: Govt. Records

Pasadena police Lt. Vasken Gourdikian is seen in a file image. (Credit: KTLA)

Federal agents seized about five dozen firearms worth tens of thousands of dollars from a high-ranking Pasadena police officer during a raid earlier this year, according to newly released government records.

The Feb. 16 search of the officer’s Sierra Madre home by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was widely publicized, but authorities did not identify the officer or detail what was recovered.

The cache of weapons was an enormous haul that took two trucks to cart away.

On Sunday, a federal registry of potential forfeited assets listed 57 firearms that were seized from the home of Lt. Vasken Gourdikian, who most recently served as the Pasadena Police Department’s spokesman and an adjutant to Chief Phillip L. Sanchez.

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