Marina del Rey Animal Rescue Outfits Disabled Chihuahua With Prosthetic Paws

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A Chihuahua who was missing her hind paws will be able to trot without pain thanks to a veterinary hospital in Marina del Rey that has secured her life-changing artificial paws.

The pup, Amora, has functioning back legs but the portion from the hock down is missing. In a first for the facility, Animal Wellness Centers gave her colorful plastic prosthetics that slip on and tighten with velcro will allow her to walk and run pain-free, her vet Dr. Annie Harvillicz said.

Harvillicz, the hospital's medical director, said it's unclear what caused the 7-month-old to lose her paws, forcing her to walk around on the bone covered only by a thin layer of skin.

“Because of the fact that the tail is cut at the same level as the legs, it makes me think that this is not a birth defect and that it’s actually something that happened to her after she was born.”

Before she was brought to the Animal Wellness Centers about two months ago, Amora was first dropped off at a shelter in Carson, according to director James Grant.

“The guy had her in a box, put the box on the counter, said, ‘I can’t sell this,’ and walked away,” Grant said.

She was then referred to the hospital, which is run under the umbrella of the Animal Wellness Foundation and also operates as a rescue facility.

The prosthetics will take some time to get used to, Harvillicz said, but she expects Amora will make the best of the opportunity.

“She’s a sweetheart. She just wants to be loved, she wants attention," Harvillicz said. "She’s a really great dog. And other than this, she’s really healthy. She’s a healthy little pup ready to go and ready to find her forever home.”