Byron Scott & Charles Norris, “Slam-Dunk Success”

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Byron Scott is one of the greatest players in Los Angeles Lakers history–winning three championships with the “Showtime” era Lakers. In all, he played 14 seasons of professional basketball and then moved to coaching with head coaching jobs in New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Scott felt he was the scapegoat for losing records during his two years as head coach of the Lakers, and you’ll hear how he got over the sting of what he felt was a betrayal by Lakers management.

Frank Buckley appears alongside Charles Norris and Byron Scott.

Charles Norris is a business executive who is equally successful in his field–turning for example, a $200 million company like McKesson Water into one that sold for $1.1 billion, or as chairman of the board of Freshpet, taking the business from a start-up to a publicly traded company with a market value of $350 million.

Scott and Norris became friends while the two worked out at a local gym in Los Angeles and came to realize that while they came from different backgrounds and had different life and business experiences, they had a lot in common. During this podcast, you’ll hear how these two very different men realized they had the same approaches to leadership.

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