Romance Novel Cover Model Sought in String of Connecticut Robberies Arrested in San Diego

A romance novel cover model was arrested this week in San Diego following a cross-country dragnet sparked by a series of robberies, authorities said.

Model David Byers has been arrested in connection with multiple robberies, police said. (Credit: Michael Stokes)

David E. Byers, 34, of Solana Beach, Calif., had been on the run for about a week from police in at least four states, authorities said. The manhunt finally came to an end Wednesday, when he was arrested in the North Park area of San Diego by the FBI and San Diego County sheriff’s deputies, according to the Greenwich Police Department in Connecticut.

“There was never anything that would have indicated that he would do this,” said Los Angeles photographer Michael Stokes, who has worked with the model.

Byers appeared, usually partially dressed, on the covers of four romance novels, Stokes said. Byers’ tattooed, chiseled physique was also displayed on the cover of Stokes’ book, “Exhibition.”

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