Following Health Care Vote, Political Analysts Shift Key California Races Toward Democrats

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In this file photo, Rep. Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, answers a question during a debate in Newhall. (Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Citing the House vote to roll back the Affordable Care Act, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report has shifted the race ratings evaluating the electoral fortunes of four vulnerable California Republicans toward the Democrats.

While the election is 18 months away, and a lot can and will change in that time, potential challengers and donors consider such rankings when deciding which members of Congress to challenge or where to spend their money. Multiple candidates have already announced bids against incumbent Republicans across California.

Cook political analyst David Wasserman explained the move (which included 20 districts across the country) as happening because Democrats have a new vote to hold against Republicans, much the way the Affordable Care Act was used against Democrats in 2010 when they lost the majority.

“Although it’s the first of potentially many explosive votes, House Republicans’ willingness to spend political capital on a proposal that garnered the support of just 17 percent of the public in a March Quinnipiac poll is consistent with past scenarios that have generated a midterm wave,” Wasserman said.

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