Laura Hartley, Actress/Comedian

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Laura Hartley is an actress and comedian from the city of Pleasant Hill in Northern California. After experiencing the thrill of being onstage at a young age, Laura knew she wanted to be a performer. She continued acting and singing through high school until finally pursuing a degree in musical theater.

Through a college program, Laura found herself in New York City studying performing arts. She initially believed she was destined for Broadway, but after acting in front of a camera for the first time, her whole plan changed. She decided instead that she would move to Los Angeles to pursue film and television acting.

Laura soon found that L.A.’s entertainment industry wouldn’t necessarily welcome her with open arms. Young and vulnerable, she was not yet equipped to handle the stark criticisms that many actors face during auditions and meetings. Laura began to question her dreams of being an actor, and even considered leaving L.A. to pursue a different career path.

Jamie & Laura of GinBlo Production.

In this episode, Laura shares how she was able to reignite her passion for acting, and how producing her own content as part of the comedy duo GinBlo has helped her carve out a new path.

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