Woman Thwarts Attempted Carjacking in Milwaukee by Jumping on Hood of Car, Clinging to Windshield Wiper

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A woman is sharing her harrowing story about an attempted carjacking that happened just south of downtown Milwaukee, according to KTLA sister station WITI.

Melissa Marian posted video on Facebook showing her gassing up her SUV on St. Paul Avenue around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday when four teens, apparently in a stolen vehicle, pulled up next to her and tried to steal her SUV as she stood at the pump.

Marian jumped on the hood of the SUV to prevent her vehicle, apparently a Subaru wagon, from being driven off. After a couple of seconds, the person who snuck inside the SUV jumped out -- and left the vehicle in gear, the station reported.

"I know my reaction was not the smartest nor safest but it was my instinct reaction," Marian wrote in her post. "These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car."

Marian was then forced to jump into her moving vehicle, which was rolling into the street, as the teens sped away.

Marian said in the Facebook post that though the teens didn't get her SUV, but they did make away with her purse, iPhone and wallet.

Marian told WITI she realizes she made a mistake by leaving the vehicle unlocked with the keys inside at the gas station.