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Geologists, Engineers Struggle to Plan for Removal of 1 Million Tons of Rock and Dirt from Highway 1 in Big Sur Area

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Geologists and engineers crowded a conference room in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday to address the latest assault upon California’s most revered roadway.

Highway 1 is cut in two where a massive landslide obliterated the road north of Ragged Point. (Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Yet another stretch of Highway 1, that improbable serpentine hemming the continent’s western edge, had abruptly disappeared.

No one in the room was shocked or surprised. The scientists and builders knew what they were up against.

A week earlier, sensors in the mountains had picked up increased ground movement at a site 10 miles north of Ragged Point. On-site crews and equipment were evacuated, gates closed and locked.

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(Credit: Los Angeles Times Graphics)