15,000 Medical Records Stolen From Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Clinic Allegedly by Ex-Employee: Officials

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The theft of confidential files from a prominent Beverly Hills surgeon could affect the privacy and financial security of as many as 15,000 patients, according to a spokesman for the doctor and law enforcement officials.

A statement issued by Dr. Zain Kadri’s office said that a former staff member “stole credit card information, debit card information, IDs, copies of checks, usernames, passwords” and photographed patients before and during surgery. A spokesman for Kadri’s office, who declined to be identified, said the theft might affect patients in at least 17 states and seven countries outside the U.S.

“Despite having only recently being discovered, the breach, which affects thousands of patients, started shortly after the ... staffer was hired in September of 2016,” the statement read.

A Palmdale residence belonging to Kadri was also burglarized on May 5, according to a statement issued Thursday by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Patient files, medical supplies and electronic devices were stolen, authorities said. Kadri’s spokesman described the residence as an “administrative office” the surgeon uses when performing procedures in a Palmdale office.

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