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CEO of L.A. Medical Marketing Firm Suspected of Asking Alleged Drug Dealer to Kill Former Business Associate

Handcuffs on top of a fingerprint form are shown in this file photo. (Credit: Blake David Taylor/Thinkstock)

Homeland Security investigators in New Orleans were listening to phone calls made by a suspected Los Angeles drug dealer last year when they heard a disturbing snippet of a conversation, according to court documents.

Their target, who they believed to be a methamphetamine trafficker, told the person on the other end of the line that someone had asked if he could carry out a “hit,” court records show.

The phone call sparked an investigation that spanned from New Orleans to Los Angeles to San Diego in search of the person trying to organize the killing. At one point, federal agents even staged a bloody murder scene with the help of the would-be victim.

In April, David Phillips, the CEO of a Los Angeles-based medical marketing firm, was arrested on charges of plotting the death of a former business associate, according to a federal criminal complaint filed in Louisiana.

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