2 Mountain Lion Kittens Abandoned by Mother in Santa Monica Mountains Die

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Two small mountain lion kittens abandoned by their mother in the Santa Monica Mountains have died, wildlife officials announced Monday.

Known as P-57 and P-58, the male and female kittens were likely their mother’s first litter, according to Kate Kuykendall, acting deputy superintendent for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Park officials know of only three other kittens that were also abandoned by their mothers, and then died.

“Like all wild animals, many young do not survive until adulthood,” Kuykendall wrote on the park’s Facebook account.

Park officials think a male mountain lion, known as P-27, visited the cubs’ den. P-27, son of P-1 and P-6, is roughly 9 years old and wanders the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains.

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