No Charges for LAPD Officer Who Shot Woman in South L.A. Alley; Incident Had Led to Protests Outside City Hall

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Los Angeles police officer will not be charged for the fatal shooting of an African-American woman in a South L.A. alley, a controversial killing that caused protesters to camp outside City Hall for weeks decrying the police.

Black Lives Matter members and other supporters protesting the police shooting of Redel Jones offer prayers in front of Los Angeles City Hall. (Credit: Los Angeles Times / Irfan Khan)

The decision from the district attorney’s office was made public Tuesday, nearly two years after Officer Brett Ramirez shot Redel Jones, 30, who authorities say was armed with a knife and suspected of robbing a nearby pharmacy about a half-hour before she was killed.

In a May 1 memorandum explaining their reasoning, prosecutors said Ramirez reasonably feared for his life and acted lawfully to defend himself when he pulled the trigger. Jones, the memo said, was an “armed, dangerous fleeing felon” and Ramirez used reasonable force to “apprehend” her.

Jones’ 2015 death came amid the ongoing national outcry over how police officers use force, particularly against African Americans. The shooting quickly drew the attention of activists with the local Black Lives Matter movement, who chanted Jones’ name at weekly meetings of a police oversight panel and spread it on Twitter as a hashtag.

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