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Pet Boa Constrictor Missing 3 Weeks Found in Hollywood Palm Tree

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A Hollywood snake owner thought he would never see his beloved boa constrictor, Bertha, again after it escaped from his home weeks ago — until it showed up in a palm tree near his building's roof on Friday.

Bertha's owner, Santo Cocio, said he sometimes lets the 8-foot snake out of her enclosure to slither around his house. He believes she went missing three weeks ago after someone doing work at his apartment left the door open while she was roaming.

Cocio thought she was gone forever, until a neighbor using a hot tub on the building's roof called and told him his 50-pound snake was spotted writing around a nearby palm tree.

To lure her down, rescuers constructed a ramp for Bertha to slither down using PVC piping and a two-by-four, and a little bit of pulling from Cocio.

"I didn't think I was ever going to get her back," he said.