Over 200 Anti-Sharia Protesters Rally and March at Site of San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

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Protestors march near the site of the San Bernardino terrorist attack as part of a "March Against Sharia." (Credit: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

More than 200 anti-Sharia protesters faced off with counter-demonstrators Saturday at the site of the San Bernardino terrorist attack as part of a nationwide “March Against Sharia” event sponsored by the conservative group Act for America.

Protesters chanted “USA!” and waved signs, including one that said “Islam is not American,” near the county’s Inland Regional Center, where a Pakistani American couple fatally shot 14 people in 2015. The attack was cited by President Trump as one reason for his controversial travel restriction policy that temporarily bans refugees and immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations.

Protesters faced off against about 100 anti-Trump demonstrators during the rally. Things heated up when counter-protesters packed up to leave just before 1 p.m. As they headed to their cars, anti-Sharia protesters smashed the rear window of at least one car as the driver pulled away.

Sirens blared and police vehicles pulled to the scene as counter-protesters linked arms, standing side by side on the street.

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