City May Soon Crack Down on Vehicles Parked Between the Sidewalk and Curb in L.A.

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The Hernandez family walks along Miramar Street in Westlake, one neighborhood where a growing number of residents are parking their cars on the strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb. (Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

For more than five years, Los Angeles officials have turned a blind eye to drivers who park on the narrow strips of land between the sidewalk and the curb.

The city’s lenient stance, adopted in 2011, was never advertised. But many drivers in dense areas where parking can be fiercely competitive eventually realized that they would not be ticketed for leaving their cars on the landscaped areas that run parallel to the street.

So many drivers began adopting the practice that residents in Westlake, East Hollywood and other central neighborhoods began planting saplings and erecting poles, fences and other barriers in a bid to stop their neighbors from destroying the curbs and the grass.

Those guerrilla tactics may not be necessary for much longer, City Hall officials said Wednesday.

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