E3 2017: A Video Game Fan’s Dream Come True

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For the first time, E3 is allowing the public inside. Now, everyday video game fans can get experience what industry insiders have flocked to for years!

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E3 is a yearly event that gamers can’t wait for. It's when video game companies show off their latest hardware and games. But until now, only industry insiders and journalists were allowed in. But this year, the public was invited in! The Entertainment Software Association, who organizes the show, sold 15,000 tickets to the general public at least $150 each.

E3 2017 in Photos

"Forever, this show’s been like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory," explained Rich Taylor, Senior Vice President of Communications & Industry Affairs for the Entertainment Software Association. "E3's been that place for people for so long and it’s awesome to finally open up the doors and have them share the experience."

I talked to fans that came to the event, being held in Downtown Los Angeles, from all over the United States.

"Why’d you want to go to E3?"

"Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been into video games and stuff like that," gamer Jacob Pream told me.

"So what do you think?"

"It's been awesome. It's amazing!" said Pream, who just got to play upcoming games from Nintendo.

Although final numbers aren't in, it's estimated that 60,000 people are here to see the latest. Everything from new consoles to upcoming titles. An industry worth about $100 billion dollars.

Microsoft has an impressive presence at the show. They unveiled their next generation console called the Xbox One X. It can play games in 4K and the company says it's 40% more powerful than other consoles on the market. It will sell for $500 on November 7.

At Sony, no new hardware, but a focus on franchise titles. The company announced they’ve sold more than 60 million PS4's.https://youtu.be/hc87nuB0QtU

At Nintendo, Mario is front and center! Gamers got to play the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, which launches for Switch in October.

Developers we talked to say there seems to be a bigger emphasis on the games this year.

"That makes the floor a lot more interesting to walk around especially if we’re letting the public in for the first year," said game developer Karl Standish.

Another couple I talked with traveled from Nebraska.

"Everyone I play games with is like 'Oh, you’re going to E3! Tell us what you see.' I’m going to be able to bring a lot of this back and show them what I found," said gamer Taylor McIntosh, attending with his wife Emily.

"You play with these people all the time but to see how big the gamer community really is. It’s kind of mind-blowing," concluded Emily.